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Beautiful or ugly - why does everyone want to ride on Adam Driver?

Source: 2015 Albert L. Ortega

With protruding ears, a height of 190 centimeters, gems and a large nose, the actor with the strange look never expected to be a model, now he is the surprising star of the fashion world Actor Adam Driver is going to be your home screen in the coming year. On November 24, he will appear alongside Lady Gaga in the new film "Gucci House," whose PR campaign is at its peak, while just this month he was chosen to serve as the face of the new perfume “Hero” from rival fashion house Barbary. In the coming months, the film "Annette" will also be released, which opened the Cannes Film Festival . These join a long line of roles he has done in film and television, such as Adam in "Girls," Patterson in the poetic "Patterson," Kylo in the "Star Wars" series and Charlie in "Marriage Story." It would not be unreasonable to say that Adam Driver is the hottest Hollywood actor of the period.

He has been flagged as a sex symbol for his role in “Girls” he’s keep causing women (and men) to have sexual arousal. Driver stars in the new commercial for Barbary's Hero perfume, which he starts as hard as he can running alongside a horse, reveals a muscular body and enviable speed, and ends up standing on the beach as a centaur (half man, half horse). The campaign seeks to empower people to explore the unknown, struggle with themselves, and become "heroes" themselves. The media and social networks did not remain indifferent to the electrifying look of Driver. "Finally, Adam Driver who can really be ridden," the provocative headline on Vultures website , and on Twitter it was a tweeter who posted a video of her walking on all fours with the caption "Pretend I'm a horse so Adam Driver can ride me too."

Driver, 37, was born and raised in California, USA. His mother, Nancy, played the piano at church. Nothing later prepared him to be the actor he is today, and perhaps he did: he grew up in a conservative Christian education, and turned to acting studies after serving for three years in the United States Marine Corps, to which he enlisted following the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers. "It was not against Muslims," he said in an interview with The New Yorker last year, "it was: we were attacked. I want to fight for my country, against whoever it is."

The patriotic spirit will be channeled in 2006 into the founding of the non-profit organization "Art in the Armed Forces," which puts on theatrical performances in all arms of the military in the US "I set up the organization to start a dialogue between military personnel and civilians, soldiers and their families around the world," he explains in an interview for the launch of the new Burberry perfume. "I believe it is important that people in the military and their families be exposed to a form of communication that they may not have had the opportunity to experience in the past."

During his acting studies he met Joan Tucker, a lesser-known actress. In 2013, the two were married in an intimate ceremony. The two have a small child, whose birth has been hidden from the media for two years in a "military operation," as Driver puts it. The son's name, as well as his year of birth, are hidden from the public, but paparazzi photos from a family vacation in Italy this year revealed photos of the boy (which looked about 4-years old).

A year before his wedding, Driver's big breakthrough came on the screen as Adam Sackler in Lina Dunham's "Girls" series on HBO. The protruding ears, the tall 190-inch-tall body and the large nose in the center of the face made him an anti-hero, the weird guy Dunham has been having an unstable relationship with throughout the series. "Girls" marked Driver as a star. Sex symbol. The intricacies with which he conducted himself and his strange attitude to sexuality made him, surprisingly, a coveted figure. There were those who claimed to be the voice of a generation, just like Dunham.

Then came the cinema - a combination of quality indie films such as "Jim Patterson" by Jim Jarmusch and "Marriage Story" by Noah Baumech, blockbusters from the "Star Wars" series and the film "Black on White" written and directed by Spike Lee ans was nominated in 2019 for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. He is now set to appear in the intriguing film "The Gucci House", which will be released next fall, in the role of Maurizio Gucci, who was shot to death on March 27, 1995 at the entrance to his office in Via Plastro, Milan, an assassination ordered by his ex-wife, Patricia Reggiani (Lady Gaga).

Despite the great publicity over the past decade, it seems that Driver's affair with the fashion industry is going on with long breaks. In 2013, at the height of "girls" fame, Driver starred in a jeans campaign of the American fashion brand GAP, and now, as mentioned, almost a decade later, he is the face of a new perfume. Perhaps this is because his relationship with fashion and clothing is complex. "I have large body dimensions, so when I wear clothes that are comfortable for me, I always remember them. The measurements of Barbary fit me”. And maybe that’s why Driver is the hottest name right now: he doesn’t look like a model, he has a unique look that catches the eye and isn’t worn. The question that pops into my head is whether he is beautiful or not - does not matter. The magnetizing look, the disproportion and the beauties that adorn his face, make him a figure that is impossible not to look at. Presumably, his close role as Mauricio Gucci will provide him with further fame in the fashion industry, and possibly a Gucci campaign as well - where Driver's bizarre appearance is already considered mainstream.

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