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How Reese Witherspoon reinvented the Hollywood blonde

Source: 2019 Stefanie Keenan

She is one of the richest actresses in the world and owns a fashion brand, which in the 20 years that have passed since the release of "Legally Blonde " adopts the stereotypes and also fights them at the same time. Thus she became a model for success

Sorry, who is she? Reese Witherspoon, the original " Legally Blonde " who paved the way for the entire genre that is currently celebrating 20 years of existence, is also one of the richest actresses in Hollywood and a flag worthy of waving for female success in an industry that is not only masculine but demonstrably chauvinistic . She has an Oscar on the shelf and a production company that was recently sold for a crazy amount, which is responsible for the TV hit "Big Little Lies".

Witherspoon is a success story. A fine actress, a producer with sharp senses, active against gender discrimination, and of course - a blonde, but one who is not silent. She is, as she was defined in the American press, a "polite but tough southerner."

She has three beautiful children (two of them from her first and photogenic marriage to Ryan Philippa), a reading club that can compete with that of Oprah Winfrey, hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank, and a fairly successful acting career, albeit a meteoric one that almost stalled, as she herself testified, at 35. "Just as you become really interesting as a woman, the quality of the roles you get is declining," she said - a claim that is repeatedly voiced by actresses at these ages. But Witherspoon just started producing the roles she wanted on her own.

Witherspoon is a diverse actress, moving naturally between comedies and dramas. She has a "non-threatening" look. She is not a stunning beauty, not a glamorous star and not dripping with sex, but is visually placed between the stereotype of the "neighbor's daughter" and your best friend. She produces sympathy in her cinematic roles as well as in her public conduct, and knows how to look just as relaxed on the red carpet in glittering ceremonies and on the other side of the office conference table. It is defined, as mentioned, as "Southern Lady", a description that in spoken American carries on its back all the accepted clichés - the heavy accent, the old-fashioned charm, the conduct that is doubtfully naive and doubtfully cunning, and what direct sincerity we tend to attribute to those who come from the depths of country and fried tomatoes.

However, Witherspoon can also be incredibly elegant and function as an advanced fashionista, including setting up a fashion brand called Draper James, which offers Southern-style clothing and issuing a fair amount of fine looks in front of the cameras documenting in various award ceremonies.

There is no doubt that she set the most iconic look in public consciousness in her role as Woods in the 2001 film " Legally Blonde ". Elle Woods is the ultimate embodiment of the (seemingly) frivolous blonde cliché that in order to impress her (not really worthy) lover she enrolled in law school at Harvard and fought all the stereotypes associated with blondes for generations.

Witherspoon in the film is a list of all the blonde clichés imaginable, and refuting them. A veteran cinematic character who has been alive and well since the days of " Gentlemen Prefer Blondes " It's just Witherspoon's winking self-awareness in the role that turns her from a joke to a joker.

On the way there she does not skip any characterization - big hair, little dresses, lots of pink, perfect makeup, French manicure and Chihuahua. Like other stars who drafted the visibility rules of the female representations they played - Audrey Hepburn, Faye Dunaway, Uma Thurman, Doris Day or Natalie Wood - Witherspoon also has its own reserved place for its contribution to the definition of "the blonde who is not as stupid as she looks."

Why not? Her super-popular Instagram page is a recipe for sugar poisoning. Apart from sunsets, sunrises, animals and wonderfully beautiful children, you will also find there a "letter for every birthday year" that she wrote to her daughter up to the age of 18. It is certainly possible to save a little from this level of saccharine.

It’s a pleasure to see at the top of Hollywood blondes, someone who really creates a change in the way women are perceived in the media. And must also mention her guest role in two episodes of "Friends," where she and Christina Applegate played Rachel's sisters. classics.

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