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5 Inspirational Things You Did Not Know About Keanu Reeves

2020 Jeff Kravitz

About two years ago, gossip sites announced a new relationship with Keanu Reeves and the internet went crazy. Although the relationship was not officially confirmed at first, some photos of him and Alexandra Grant holding hands at a glittering Gucci event did not leave too much room for doubt. The surfers did not remain indifferent: "Keanu Reeves is happy and that is what is important," one of the fans wrote on Twitter. So who is the lucky girl? This is a super talented American artist. The two met in 2009, and in 2011 she illustrated a book that Reeves wrote and since then long-standing friendships have been formed between them and now it seems to have become a spoken relationship.

Reeves knows how to excite surfers. "How are you so connected to the ground," he was asked in one of the interviews. "Gravity, I guess," Reeves replied. Fans flew over the quote and as usual the internet went viral at the speed of light. Reeves is apparently not even aware of the matter because he chose not to take part in the social networking circus. He has no Instagram or Twitter account and he does not hang out with the Hollywood brass at glittering events. And yet, even after more than 20 years of career, he is considered one of the hottest names, as evidenced by the fact that he was chosen to be the presenter of the French fashion house Saint-Laurent and starred on the cover of the prestigious GQ magazine. The magazine, by the way, called him an "immortal." Reeves is accustomed to compliments of this magnitude, he is said to be Jesus, that his sister suffers from leukemia and that he has a secret career as a hockey player. In honor of his 57th birthday we decided to put the rumors in order and find out everything you did not know about him.

1. He had a difficult childhood and a difficult life Like many Hollywood actors, Reeves also had a difficult life. He was born in Beirut, Lebanon, when he was two years old and his father left home and they have reportedly not spoken since. When he was 34 he started dating actress Jennifer Finished, a year later she got pregnant but unfortunately the boy was born dead. They separated and two years later finished killed in a car accident. When asked in an interview with Stephen Colbert how he copes with the loss he replied "I know those who love us, will miss us". And has since nurtured a modest and courteous lifestyle with an emphasis on contributing to society and animals, while maintaining optimism and respect for people. Only at the age of 33 did he start his playing career.

2. He will do anything to please his fans About two years ago, football player Sammy Brown tweeted and wrote that Keanu Reeves is the most humble and nicest celebrity in Hollywood. Another user shared on Twitter a cute story that just shows how true what Brown wrote. "When I was 16 I worked in a movie theater," he writes, "one day Keanu came and bought a ticket for a Johnny Depp movie. I was very excited and offered him my employee discount in exchange for signing from him. 'I'm not working here,' said the confused Reeves, then I told him to pay a regular price and inside I was shocked that I did not get an autograph from him. Two minutes later, I heard a knock on the door that was behind me and I thought it was my boss, but it was Keanu. "Acceptance of ice cream. Then I saw that he was throwing the ice cream in the trash and I realized that he did not want it at all and actually bought it just so that he would have a paper to sign for me." Another story published on the net is that one day he saw a woman stuck with the car and tried to help her, called for her to the rescue center and finally drove her more than 80 miles to the house to make sure she arrives safely. Reeves almost always agrees to selfies but he never touches fans because it is important to him to respect their private space.

3. Money? He has enough! The network says that at the end of filming the movie "The Matrix," which made him a really big star, he gave $ 75 million of his profits to the set, costume and effects people as a token of gratitude and called them "the heroes behind the scenes." In one interview he also said "money is the last thing I think about. I can live on what I have already done for centuries to come". In the movie "Trap for the Lawyer" Reeves agreed to give up a respectable portion of his salary so that they would cast Al Pacino to play alongside him.

Reeves is often caught by paparazzi photographers spending time with homeless people, not only giving them money and food, actually sitting with them and listening to their stories. He donates to charity, owns an institute that researches cancer and he makes regular donations to hospitals across the United States. In addition, he often travels by public transport.

4. He has published a book of songs as a token of gratitude to fans and will soon be releasing a comic book as well In 2011 a picture was posted of him sitting on a bench and looking particularly sad. The fans did not remain indifferent to the photo and formed a group with one goal, to encourage Keanu, and so they also called it. Reeves was so moved and as a token of gratitude published a book of poems he wrote accompanied by illustrations by the American artist and his current partner Alexandra Grant. And in July last year it was announced that he was working on a comic book. His first.

5. He is a talented musician and has even been in a band In the early 1990s Reeves was the bassist and backing vocalist of a band called Dogstar, which even released two albums. Once they were hosted at a metal festival in Milwaukee, the fans did not like them and called them contempt and shouted at them to get off the stage. As they say, the one who laughs last laughs.

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