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Want to get better at time management? Set realistic times, colorful to-do list entries and say goodbye to perfectionism

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You have probably heard quite a few tips for proper time management, but not sure you have tried to implement them. It is important for us to mention that the tools for successful time management are valid not only when it comes to work, but can also have a positive impact on our private lives. If sometimes it seems that there are those who manage to get the most out of every minute of the day - and wonder how they manage to maximize time, they probably just know how to manage it.

Tap tap, we are in full swing again and this is a good opportunity to put more emphasis on proper time management - for ourselves, for those around us and to balance home and work. Those then who worked from home may have managed to maneuver nicely (end the day and be honest in the living room with family or friends), but on days of work from the office, maneuvering between different tasks is the only way you will not get home with your tongue out. So how do you do it right?

Time audit

As with anything, you need to start with self-awareness. So the first step will be a real clarification in which you will check where your time really runs. Sometimes we do not know how to properly estimate the length of time that day-to-day operations rob us of. Suppose we try to guess how long it takes us the simple task of sending emails at work, say about 30 minutes in total? But in practice, it is likely to be double. Most of the time, the tasks that will rob us of most of our time are the ones we did not actually suspect before.

Be realistic

time estimation

If you are unsure whether the meeting will last half an hour, an hour or more - you should consult with the initiators of the meeting / cash for it or estimate the maximum time for placement, so that it does not spill over to the next meeting. Then, if you finished ahead of time, great - you therefore earned a break from refreshing.


If you have the option in the computerized calendar, choose colors for the various meetings and tasks. This way you can differentiate between the different things and you will not feel suffocated when you see a lump of solid color in the diary. You can, for example, paint in red meetings outside the office, zoom meetings in yellow and green as a break time (it will be most fun to see that you have received a green light). Colors change colors

Make a to-do list for each goal or project and make sure to color each task that can be performed, it really works. Beyond focusing on the tasks that are indeed feasible in the here and now, you will be able to see regularly before your eyes which tasks are still open and those that you have already closed.

Closed time:

For breaks

Feel that your diary is full of appointments and you have no time to breathe? Close the spaces between sessions to ensure you can freshen up and go outside to breathe air. Remember that a free space in a diary will always bring summonses.

For travel

We went back to the offices and with them also to the traffic jams. Therefore, when there is a frontal meeting in the diary, it is important to close the time before / after the meeting as designated for travel so that they do not schedule anything for us at this time.

For personal tasks

Need to prepare a report? Promote a personal project? Put these tasks on the schedule as well. This way you will know that at a certain hour you are sitting on the extra task that they then asked to submit and not doing it under pressure between other tasks. If you stick to it you will be more focused on doing, and will do the tasks on the best side.

There is no competition

It is important that you remind yourself regularly that you are not in competition with the environment. There is no reason to compete with the other employees in the office, as to who came out the latest. In addition, not every task we started has to be completed on the same day (this is part of the priority). Usually after 7-8 hours of work, our brain does not really work properly, so starting new tasks at 17:00 is not recommended and often inefficient.

Catch the thief

You need to be vigilant about your time robbers. The easiest way is to keep track of your time using apps like RescueTime or Toggl, which aim to help us stay in line with everything planned for us during the week. Applications of this type will therefore help you go through the tasks and find out which one takes up most of your time, and with the help of the data you will discover - you will be able to make the necessary adjustments and make your time cut more accurately next time.

Excellence instead of perfection

It may be popular to hear women who testify to themselves that they are perfectionists as a positive trait, but if you really are like that you know there are disadvantages as well. Nothing will ever be good enough in your eyes, and the implication is that you will keep repeating the same task over and over again, wasting precious time in which you could advance other tasks. Strive for excellence, but not perfection. Do your best and move on.

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