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"13 Reasons Why" star who came out as a trans: "I've never felt better"

Source: 2021 Gotham

Tommy Dorfman, the star of the series "13 Reasons Why ", recently revealed that she has begun a process of gender adjustment and has come out of the closet as a transgender. She told InStyle: "As more testosterone left my body, I felt better."

Although she did not officially announce it until about a month ago, her followers may have been able to guess what the star is going through according to the photos she has uploaded in recent months, in which her past changes were quite obvious: "I should have been in a safe place in my life, professionally, financially. That's it." she explains.

The role she broke with, in the series "13 Reasons Why ", she got about 5 years ago when she worked as a saleswoman in a pastry shop. The series became a huge success and Dorfman starred in big campaigns that on the one hand caused her great pride, but on the other hand caused distress: "And that's what ultimately pushed me forward. There was no choice, I told myself I had to."

Dorfman says that ever since, when she closed her eyes, she saw herself as a woman: "It was clear to me, I saw myself as Cate Blanchett," she laughs. "I walked in the body of a privileged male, but inside I only knew what it was like to be a woman." Conversations with other transgender people helped her gain the strength and courage to do the process: "They gave me the confidence and knowledge about the steps I needed to take toward femininity. They are not necessary for everyone, everyone is different."

When asked about the medical steps she has taken, Dorfman explains that there are many different ways to approach the process. "I recently changed the hormones that I am taking, and never felt better. Two weeks after I started getting estrogen, I felt like I had landed on Earth. I can sleep now, and wake up in a good mood. As the testosterone left my body, I felt "So much better, with more energy. I think that's the feeling I always thought I should feel."

Dorfman shares that until she started the process, her mental state was not easy: "For 28 years I struggled with suicidal thoughts and depression. I recovered from alcohol and drug addictions. I do not think I was ever really happy, until last year. I look at my old pictures online, from the period "Where I started to go, and I can see how miserable I was in every picture, it's crazy." Dorfman admits that her uneasy dealing with herself also affected her outward behavior: "I recently came across an old friend I had not seen for a long time. I had already lived as a woman and gave him a big hug. He was surprised and told me 'you were so bad, such a bitch. Nice now. " She explains: "It's funny. I do not think I was a bitch. I just didn’t feel happy with myself"

Many of the clothes she wears today, Dorfman says and surprisingly, she received from her mother: "I wore girls' clothes as a child, and I often wore my mother's shoes. We were addicted to shopping and went shopping together. We are equally, thank God. After I came out of the closet, my mother sent me some of her clothes, the same clothes I chose for her. So now at 29, I have a collection of dresses, skirts, shirts and jackets that I chose myself when I was in high school."

After publicly revealing the process she is going through, Dorfman says she was surprised by the supportive responses she received. Her parents, who work in the auto industry, told her they were inundated with messages from their customers: "These damn conservatives are happy for you," they told her. She herself received messages from many she knew in her youth, and did not expect them to respond positively: "I expected them to be very conservative or not accepting, but when they saw me, someone they have known for years, it helped them understand and accept it more."

She concludes: "It's like a second sexual maturity. The body hurts and it's emotionally exhausting. But I had the opportunity to help others, and also to put it all into my work. In the end, I think it's not a responsibility of trans people, but a human responsibility to help the next generation." .

Dorfman revealed in 2017 that she is non-binary, and as mentioned, she said that she began a process of gender adjustment about a month ago in an Instagram post in which she wrote: "I am excited to present myself as the woman I am today." Later this year she will star in the film Sharp Stick, her first role as a woman.

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